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Friday 14 September 2012

Mexican Food Delights at Taqueria

Last week Rich and I went to London for a night. I had bought him tickets for John Foxx and The Maths gig so we decided to extend our stay overnight and have a whole day in London. After an amazing night of synth beats the following day my foodie friend Julia led us to Taqueria, a taco cafe. I love Mexican food, something Bristol is lacking is a really good Mexican restaurant, Casa Mexicana I've heard reports has gone down hill in the last year, so it would be good to get the Latin vibes going again in Bristol.

Taqueria, near Notting Hill Gate, is a real gem. The menu is pretty extensive and does not just cover tacos. We decided the best way forward would be to get a couple of dishes and sample everything, although Julia had recommended a Sope each to start as they were the most heavenly dish she'd had in a while, how could we resist such a pitch? Sope is a sort of fried pastry filled with beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, coriander and optional chorizo, which of course we opted for without hesitation.
Sope with Optional Chorizo
Julia was not in the least bit wrong in her pitch. This was one of the most delicious things I have eaten in a long while. So many flavours it sort of tasted like a crisp Latino pasty it was amazing and I am glad we ordered more than one. Our mains we picked the Vampiro, Conchinita Pibil and the Tinga.
The Vampiro
The Tinga
The Vampiro was a char grilled tortilla with melted cheese, char grilled skirt steak and vampiro salsa. For me easily the best of the three. The steak melted in the mouth it was juicy and was complimented by the tangy salsa on top, I could have eaten at least 3 more of these and still been begging for more. The Tinga was generously filled with shredded chicken in a chipotle, tomato and onion sauce topped with avocado. This was tasty and smoky but pretty difficult to eat delicately as the tortillas were pretty soaked in the sauce.
Conchinita Pibil
Conchinita Pibil, or puerco pibil, is a traditional slow roast pork dish marinated in achiote and citrus juice. Here the tacos were topped with habanero flakes and pickled pink onions. The piquant pulled pork piled high on the tacos did not disappoint it was hugely flavoursome and each mouthful revealed more and more flavour. As with every dish I could have eaten twice as much but I restrained myself. Rich adores churros so ordering them to finish our lunch was a no brainer.

Two portions rocked up very shortly after ordering accompanied by a goat's milk toffee dip. It won't surprise you when I say, after such delicious food so far, that these churros were the best I've tasted so far, although I am fairly new to churros. They were light, slightly crunchy and coated in cinnamon sugar. The toffee dip was very sweet and rich but definitely better than any chocolate dip I have had to accompany my churros in the past.
Churros with Goats Milk Toffee
Therefore if you find yourself in London and fancy an inexpensive lunch or dinner, under £10 each, then head to Taqueria it does fresh super tasty Mexican food and there is so much to choose from. Check out their website for a menu browse and prepare to drool over the many options.

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