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Wednesday 6 February 2013

Pizza Pangs Solved by Renato's

The other weekend Rich and I were due to meet our friends in Renato's, we'd had a late lunch so had gone out without eating dinner. We don't drink in the centre that often but Renato's, on King Street, is one of our main go-tos if we do. Nice and relaxed with plenty to look at with lots of old theatre posters and autographed photographs of actors who have performed at the Old Vic. I have never made it to the restaurant above the pub part of Renato's but I can vouch for their drinks selection and bar pizzas. 
Renato's Bristol Pizza
Inferno Pizzas
For Rich and Bud they can get their German beer fix, as they have a good selection of different from the usual beers and I am happy with a bottle of Weston's organic cider. The main draw here is the pizzas. For around £8 you can order a pizza at the bar and are given a ticket in return with which to go pick up your steaming hot pizza from the back room where the pizza oven is. Our favourite is the Inferno, tomato and mozzarella topped with thick slices of salami, chilli flakes and chilli oil, it definitely packs a punch spice wise. The toppings here are traditional, simple and extremely good, especially welcoming after a couple of beers. 
Renato's Bristol Pizza
Inferno close up
The only thing I would change is perhaps a touch of dip for the crusts as they can be a tad dry. But if you fancy a casual night at a quirky family run bar with option of late night pizza in case you get the munchies (pizzas are served til midnight). It can get busy on Friday and Saturday nights so get there early to avoid disappointment, although I noticed a fairly quick turn around on some tables so luck may be on your side. I definitely recommend Renato's it doesn't change and I don't want it to. 

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