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Monday 11 March 2013

A Quick Supper at Thai by the Weir

On Wednesday I met mum in Bath. We were off to see Mary Berry give a talk, as organised by Topping's book shop, and needed something quick to eat before we went. I had passed Thai by the Weir, on Pultney Bridge at least three times in the past as it is next door to my dentist, and it had peaked my curiosity enough to suggest it as an option. Well you know my weakness for all things noodley.

A bright restaurant greeted us on the inside, apart from a table of 6 the restaurant was empty, it was pretty early for dinner so we had our pick of the seats. We chose a table by the window over looking the weir, a great view of Bath in twilight, it was a promising start. The menu is made up of pan Asian dishes rather than just Thai, with the Indonesian classic mee goreng and Japanese yaki udon, but there are plenty of the Thai staples like tom kha gai and green curry. Mum picked the sizzling noodles with chicken and I went for mee goreng plus an order of spring rolls to share.

Thai on the Weir Bath
spring rolls with honey and chilli dip

Thai on the Weir Bath
mee goreng
As described mum's sizzling noodles were brought noisily to the table and smelling delicious. The first thing that we noticed was how fresh and vibrant the dishes looked, full of crisp vegetables and heavenly scents. The sizzling noodles had spears of fresh ginger and all combined with a black bean paste, it made me rather envious. My mee goreng was really tasty, described as spicy, it wasn't at all, but luckily there was some hot sauce on the table I added for a bit of a kick. The noodles were not at all greasy and were full of flavour with plenty of chicken, I was very impressed with the quality. The spring rolls we had were wonderfully crisp and packed with vegetables, makes a nice change from the thin oily offerings you get from all you can eat buffets. 

Thai on the Weir Bath
Mee goreng close up
Thai on the Weir Bath
Empty plates and full tummies
Served very quickly and a meal for two costing a reasonable £25 with drinks, Thai by the Weir exceeded our expectations, this was the perfect dinner in a hurry and we were well in time to get a place near-ish to the front of the queue for seeing the Queen of baking. Mary Berry did a wonderful talk, it was basically like having a chat with the loveliest gran, she told us who she'd met, what bargains she had bought at the shops she gave us advice on sponge cake and how to cover up kitchen disasters. The next blog post will be on my pre-theatre dinner at The Riverstation. Check out the menu for Thai by the Weir on their website.
Signed Mary Berry Book
the spoils of my evening

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