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Wednesday 6 May 2015

Lunching at Fuego

Fuego is looking to fire up your soul by bringing their Latin/Caribbean spirit and food to Bristol. I have lunched at Fuego, what used to be My Burrito until two months or so ago, twice. Each time having different items off the menu. The first time Jo and I had burritos one steak and one pork, although suspending the idea that burritos are not Latin American but tex-mex. However they do a handy burrito and a drink for £5.55 at lunch time which is a great deal.  I like the newly revamped seating area it makes it look a lot tidier and inviting as restaurants go.  My second visit, with Sarah, I branched out and tried the chicken Mofongo, at £9.99. Mofongo is a dish from Puerto Rico made from smashed fried plantain, spices, stock and crackling. This is then shaped to contain pretty much anything, vegetables, meat or fish, the description grabbed my attention as something a bit different. 

Fuego Bristol

Fuego Bristol

Firstly the burritos. They were tasty enough, but did not set my world alight, but I did enjoy the range of hot sauces that are on the table to spice up your lunch, the chipotle one was rather delicious in particular. My other main gripe is that the whole shebang was just not wrapped tight enough so it fell apart more than it should, which is not the point really. It sounds harsh but I have strong feelings about compact burritos.
Mofongo Bristol
the whole meal
Fuego Bristol
pinto beans and chorizo
The Mofongo however was a real surprise. A huge plate of food was brought to me and it smelled intoxicating. It tasted even better. It is a little hard to describe but it's a bit like having a bowl lined with stuffing and the stuffing tastes out of this world but then the bowl is filled with a hearty chicken and tomato stew which is smoky. The black beans didn't do a lot for me but the pinto beans and the rice were really nice. I couldn't quite finish my plate, which considering my healthy appetite was quite a feat. Basically the burritos are fine but if you want to taste something extra delicious go for the Mofongo. To find out more about Fuego visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

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