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Friday 24 July 2015

A Rainy Lunch at Wok to Walk

The sun had well and truly given up the other week, it was raining. I needed sustaining. Chris coaxed me up to Park Street on a lunch hour to sample his new favourite obsession Wok to Walk. Never one to turn down a noodle I was there like a shot. Wok to Walk's main selling point is it's ability to completely customise your dish from rice or noodle type to the vegetables you want to add in, you want it you can have it. Everything is cooked from fresh in front of you in a sizzling wok, and there is something for veggies, vegans and gluten free.

I decided on rice noodles with chicken, pak choi, broccoli with oyster sauce and topped with mixed sesame seeds, which came to around the £8 mark. I waited for a short while and then then heaviest cardboard traditional USA Chinese takeaway container was handed over to me, it looked slightly smaller than I expected but it was clearly jam packed to the rafters.
Wok to Walk Bristol

Wok to Walk Bristol

Wok to Walk Bristol
duck, sweet and sour noodles
The amount of food was pretty good and there are sachets of hot sauce, which taste a lot like the hallowed Sriracha sauce, and soy sauce for extra saltiness. I really enjoyed mine, the flavour was good and the vegetables had a nice bit of crunch to them. The price is the main sticking point for Wok to Walk. £7-8 is more than I would pay at lunchtime, but it could be a welcome quick refuel before a gig at the Academy one evening. Or perfect for your post gig munchies. Basically Wok to Walk is tasty but feels better value for an evening meal, not to mention it being really filling. To find out more about Wok to Walk visit their website

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