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Monday 14 May 2012

Brunch at Rosemarino

Saturday was the first consistently sunny day Bristol has seen for weeks. It was warm and beautiful outside perfect day for brunch. We had already agreed to meet Jamie and Boz for brunch and they had been dying to try Rosemarino. Rich and I have been to Rosemarino a few times so we didn't need any convincing.

Downstairs the sun shone down on us from the above windows it was a perfect morning. I already knew what I wanted so I sipped my previously ordered Pago cloudy cherry juice, my new current favourite soft drink perfect for a cherry fanatic, whilst the others decided. I was going for mushrooms on toast with parmesan, truffle oil and pan fried sage leaves, for everyone else it was Eggs Royale all round with various sides of bacon. Eggs Benedict in it's various forms, is Rich's favourite breakfast bar none, I occasionally make it for him, having perfected the poach a few years back, but he would be quick to agree that I am far too slack at providing aforementioned dish.
Pago Cloudy Cherry Juice
Pago Cloudy Cherry(hoping more places stock it soon)
Mushrooms on Toast with Parmesan (plus side sausage)

Mushrooms on Toast with Parmesan with Crispy Sage Leaves
For me, a mushroom fan, I have tasted no finer breakfast than this in Bristol so far, it is rich, creamy, indulgent and heavenly. It says a lot about the superior quality of this dish to sway me from Eggs Benedict or a Full English, though I have had Rosemarino's full English before and it is wonderful.  The earthy sage and truffle oil brought out a lot of the flavour of the mushrooms whilst the cream and cheese made it indulgent and helped make a king of this ingredient which is usually treated as a side line in the breakfast line up.
Eggs Royale
Eggs Royale with Side Order of Bacon
Rosemarino Food Bristol
Eggs Royale with Side Order of Bacon
All you could hear from our table for a good 5 mins was the sound of steady enthusiastic munching, peppered with the odd mmmmm and mutterings of 'so good'. The quality of the bacon was particularly praised the sausage too was fantastic, herby and really meaty. The Eggs Royale was declared the best in Bristol and totally perfect, the eggs were beautifully runny and ran into the salmon and through the hollandaise, a taste sensation right there.

Having not been for brunch at Rosemarino for ages it was so great to return and I think we will probably be paying them another visit for Rich's birthday brunch when the time comes along next month. But what I really want to do is to pay them a visit for dinner one evening. The menu sounds superb and if it's anything like as good as their breakfasts then sign me up asap! To check out any of their menus visit the Rosemarino website.

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