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Sunday 14 July 2013

A Mini Pre-holiday Photo Post

So today Rich and I fly out to Valencia for a week in the sunshine, although who'd have thought we didn't need to bother leaving Bristol for that? Anyway whilst I am away soaking up the sun, sangria, tapas and Europe's biggest aquarium I thought I would leave you all with a few foodie photos of meals I have enjoyed recently but that didn't make a post due to already being reviewed or there were simply too many photos to choose from. Once I return I shall be armed with the knowledge to share where to get the best tapas and paella in Valencia, with any luck. So enjoy the rest of the sunshine Bristol, I shall miss you but the return will be all the more sweeter for my absence from you.
The Riverstation Bristol
bruchetta starter at The Riverstation
Moroccan from St Nicks
Beerd Bristol
Beerd pizza
pizza at Beerd
Carla's Cruella Brownies
Soba Noodles Bristol
Jamie's Soba Noodles
Make your own sushi
my first maki/nigiri
Townhouse Bristol
ham and rabbit croquette from the Townhouse
pork belly roast at the Townhouse
Yorkshire loaf from the Townhouse
the taste of Summer
So whatever everyone is up to this week enjoy the hot weather, have a Pimms and relax. Looking forward to a well deserved break, keep an eye on my Twitter for occasional Spanish updates.

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