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Thursday 8 May 2014

Saturday Grazing at Gascoyne Place

The most recent bank holiday weekend Rich and I were in Bath looking after my mum's three cats, cute when they weren't hankering for food, which in the case of the ginger one, Bobo, was about 90% of the time. Saturday was at least a really beautifully warm day so we walked into town to bask in Spring.  Once we had come to grips with the extremely slow walking speed of Bathonians (as one born and bred I can judge) we decided to look for somewhere to snack. Rather craving a tapas/snack like option we scooted round the centre, and stopped at Gascoyne Place. I had not been to Gascoyne Place for quite some time, probably years if I am honest but I remember the food being rather good. 
Gascoyne Place Bath

We sat up in the William Morris clad mezzanine area, mainly because I love the aforementioned wallpaper and because it was lovely and light.  A cheerful man came to bring us some menus, even though it was inbetween lunch and dinner he didn't bat an eyelid so we quickly ordered some drinks and pondered our choices.
Gascoyne Place Bath
Erdinger, one of Rich's favourite beers
We decided to opt for the charcuterie platter as it came with toasted sourdough bread, slow roasted tomatoes, cornichons and horseradish sour cream. Plus some recommended triple cooked chips and a bowl of olives. By this point I was pretty hungry so was glad that we didn't order anything too complicated that would take longer to prepare.  Luckily were weren't waiting too long and the sight of the charcuterie was a sight for sore eyes.
Gascoyne Place Bath Food
All the meat in it's glory
Gascoyne Place Bath Food
all the meats
Gascoyne Place Bath Food
charcuterie yummies
Gascoyne Place Bath Food

A selection of salami, chorizo and lashings of Parma ham greeted us all folded up neatly which then revealed their true size when selected. The parma ham was particularly tasty and worked well with the horseradish sour cream and those tomatoes, really were well roasted, the flavour of the tomatoes was pure Summer, I could have eaten a bowl full of them.
Gascoyne Place Bath Food
triple cooked chips with garlic mayo
Just look at those chips. They were more like mini roast potatoes, so crunchy and delicious and a wonderful rapeseed oil garlic mayonnaise to go with it, which was perfect. Probably the most well judged garlic ratio ever in a garlic mayo, I think the garlic was slightly smoked as it had a lovely sweet edge to it. We were nicely full after our snacking but Rich had spied the sticky toffee pudding with caramelised bananas and banana ice cream, and as he adores banana flavoured anything, he went ahead and ordered it.
Gascoyne Place Bath Food
Sticky toffee pudding with banana ice cream
Great dessert, the fresh banana ice cream was really creamy without being synthetic tasting and sponge itself was light but sticky, a perfect finish to a lovely graze. Gascoyne Place do live music nights and a pre theatre menu with two courses for £14.50, I definitely recommend giving this place a visit the service was very good it had a lovely vibe and very tasty food.  To find out more visit their website.  Next blogs are likely to contain a review of The Clifton and a minimoon food photo blog, including our trip to Masterchef featured restaurant Caxton Grill run by the very lovely Adam Handling. In the mean time here is a photo of the ever hungry Bobo.
Fat ginger cat
Bobo sun bathing

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