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Wednesday 9 July 2014

A Summer Evening at Three Brothers Burgers

Last week Jane and I decided to throw out our normal after work meet up plans of tea and a chat in favour of dinner and a longer catch up. Jane had suggested trying out the Three Brothers Burgers which has taken up residency at the Spyglass on Welshback, well I am always up for a burger, so it was decided.  Although the Three Brothers looks like a pop-up affair I was assured on Twitter by the restaurant that it has taken over the Spyglass permanently, so if you get attached you don't need to worry about separation anxiety too much.  It was just about warm enough to sit outside so we boarded the boat and made our way to the decking area.

Three Brothers Burgers Bristol

For the bargain hunters amongst you Three Brothers do a lunch time offer of burger and fries for £5 from 12pm til 5pm.  Two things to note on the service, the first waiter we felt was a little terse and impatient with us whilst we were deciding what to drink. However the second guy, that took over was great, we had some good banter and fun with him which despite the fact he had just returned from Glastonbury was admirable, definitely recommended.

I decided after much deliberation to go for the Blue Brother's Burger, because it was topped with caramelised onions and Alex James' Blue Monday cheese which is heavenly. Jane decided to go for the Smokey Bro, topped with smoked Applewood cheddar, bacon, house-made barbecue sauce and crispy onions. Bare in mind that sides are not included so we decided to share some fries, seasoned with a secret spice mix and some deep fried pickles served with house-made ranch dip. 

Three Brothers Burgers Bristol

Three Brothers Burgers Bristol
the whole shebang
Three Brothers Burgers Bristol

Three Brothers Burgers Bristol
blue monday from above
As you can see these are some burgers. When they arrived I did think they looked a little small but actually what they do is give you a very thick patty.  The brioche buns were nice and light and held together, which is very important when eating a burger.  Oh my word the burger itself though, heavenly. One of the nicest burgers I have had in a very long time. If i was to describe it in one word it would be juicy. The meat had such flavour and the toppings only helped accentuate that the caramelised onions were sweet enough to cut through the creamy saltiness of the blue cheese.  I wasn't really sure what to expect when I walked in to Three Brothers Burgers but I was impressed by the quality of the burger, they are all cooked medium so if you don't like a pink innard to your patty they will cook it a bit longer for you.   

The skin on fries were large enough for us two girls to share and the deep fried pickles were absolutely delicious, this has been a must try for me for a while every since they started popping up. I didn't really rate the ranch dressing the pickles came with as it had too much dill in but that is my personal tastes. 
Three Brothers Burgers Bristol
inside the burger
On the whole I very much enjoyed my visit to Three Brothers Burgers, there were a couple of issues with service and some people might not like that fries do not come as standard however for a very juicy meat experience you couldn't go far wrong. Our meal came to just over £13 each with a drink which isn't too bad for an evening meal, plus the beer lovers amongst you they offer a pretty big range of craft beers, as is becoming the norm in Bristol. To see what food Three Brothers has to offer check out their website.

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