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Monday 9 February 2015

Burger Specials at Chomp

Chomp is a bit special isn't it? I first tried one of their burgers at one of the street food festivals a couple of years ago and it was somewhat awesome. When I heard that they would no longer be confined to hawking burgers from their van but rather in their own restaurant I was delighted. Chomp opened on St Nicholas street in November and has been hugely popular ever since. 

Armed with Rich, Beth and Mr Popple we went, last month to celebrate the launch of their Chomp House Brew batch #2 by Wiper & True. Well everyone else but me, as I don't drink beer, but they had a special burger to go with it and that I was very interested in. For £15 you got a pint of the brew and a burger which consisted of the below:
Chomp Burgers Bristol

So we ordered a round of these burgers and 3 pints plus two blue cheese sauces for dipping our chips in, Beth and I are very classy like that you see. The beer was going down very nicely with the rest of the group I really like the idea of a restaurant having a signature brew adds something extra special to proceedings. 
my drink of choice
Chomp Burgers Bristol

Chomp Burgers Bristol

Just look at that bun, so shiny and substantial. Quite a tower of meat sat in front of me, covered in melty cheese.  Firstly the best bit about this burger was the pulled beef, they should have this on the menu full time, it was so flavoursome and fell apart, the star of the show in my opinion. The onion ring was particularly crisp and added a different texture to proceedings. One side of my burger patty was quite dark and crunchy, but everyone else's were fine I think mine had just had a touch too long on the grill. The bun was superb, best bun in Bristol I would go so far as to say, burger buns need to be substantial and should not be an afterthought in burger construction. 

As for the rest, lovely coleslaw and the blue cheese sauce was decadently moreish. The chips were tasty but I could have stood to have them a bit crispier for my personal tastes, the seasoning on them was great though. Basically Chomp is rather delicious and provides something a little different in the busy burger market that is Bristol. High quality ingredients and focusing on a small menu makes for a great night out. I am looking forward to my next visit immensely, I might even treat myself to one of their steaks. I have also heard that Chomp's veggie burger is something to shout about so you won't have to worry about getting a limp salad on a suspect patty. To find out more about Chomp visit their website.

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