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Monday 2 February 2015

Jamaican Munchings at Agnes Spencer's

We actually know a lot of people with birthdays in the first week of January, one of those people is our friend Boz. He decided, as it was a Sunday, that he wanted to eat some jerk chicken and his favourite place to go for this is the Tobacco Factory market on Sundays. Agnes Spencer's West Indian cuisine is the place to go for such delights. A family run business, the company is named after their grandmother who came up with the recipes. Rich and I decided to take up the offer of two jerk chickens with rice and peas plus coleslaw for £10, one is normally £6. You can also choose between salt fish fritters, patties and goat curry. The welcome you get is friendly and seeing everything cooked in front of you just highlights any feelings of hunger.
Agnes Spencer's Tobacco factory

best jerk chicken in Bristol

best jerk chicken in Bristol

The portions are enormous and on a cold day there is nothing better than spices to warm the cockles. Although it wasn't super spicy on this occasion, the second time we went it had a bit more zing, the flavour on both visits was stupendous. Best jerk chicken I have ever had. It's advisable to take extra napkins and even a sturdier fork, for better manoeuvrability and shoving it in your face.

So if the Tobacco Factory is on your doorstep go visit Agnes Spencer's if it isn't then take a walk in the crisp Winter air and reward yourself with some warming jerky goodness, or whatever Jamaican cuisine takes your fancy. I had a nibble of the salt fish fritters and they are also excellent, although quite rich, I had to share mine. You can also get a fix of Agnes Spencer's at the Temple Quay market every Thursday for a spicy lunch kick.  For more info follow Agnes Spencer's on Twitter.

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