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Friday 17 August 2012

Lazy Sunday Pizzas at The Hill

A couple of Sundays ago Rich and I decided to have dinner at The Hill with our voucher, co-won with team Wuthering Bites at the bar's Speedquizzing event which occurs every Monday.  That's right 'Getting Quizzy With It', won 3rd place that week and we were proud. The Hill pizza menu is pretty extensive, lots of random  and non traditional toppings like jerk chicken, hoisin duck and onion bhaji, but they also do burgers, flat breads and salads.

It was fairly quiet when we arrived some Olympics on in the background and chirpy bar staff. We decided with the voucher that we would treat ourselves to a bottle of wine and quickly picked our pizzas. Rich went for the crispy duck and hoisin and I went for the Verona which was prosciutto, mushrooms, sweetcorn and Parmesan. The staff at The Hill were lovely, really sweet and friendly, which always adds a little extra to the pub experience.
Duck and Hoisin with Cucumber and Spring Onion
The Verona
These were by no means terrible pizzas the prosciutto on mine was particularly tasty as was the tomato sauce. I would just put them on the level of, nice and alright. The edges were really quite dry where the toppings had not been pushed out enough to the edges and the sweetcorn on mine was pretty stale. Rich's pizza, for a duck pizza was actually not at all dry which was pretty encouraging, but the cucumber was a bit too chunky. I think after the Beerd prosciutto, artichoke, mushroom and olive pizza, which is heavenly, I have been rather spoilt, that's right I have become a pizza diva.
Hoisin and Duck, close up
The Verona in detail
The base was nice and thin on the pizzas however and I think that if I had pizza here again I would go for a simpler topping. I would be interested in trying other items on their menu, but it probably would not be my first choice for pizza. Check out Speedquizzing on Mondays, probably the most frustrating yet competitively entertaining quiz you'll come across. To see details of The Hill check out their website.

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