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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Pre-Train Refuel at Bone Daddies

Just before we returned to Bristol we had time for a spot of lunch and Kathryn, knowing how much I love all things Japanese, chose a ramen bar that her and Gavin had recently discovered. Bone Daddies is a fairly recent addition to Soho and it describes itself as a rock n roll ramen bar. This is pretty much exactly what it is. We walked through the curtains and were hit with 50s rockabilly and pictures of Japanese rock n rollers on the walls. Being a fan of 50s music and ramen, nothing really could have got this place off to a better start in my book. 
Ramen accoutrements
Everything from hair ties to bibs are available to make your ramen eating experience more enjoyable and less messy I was hungry and ready to order. I settled on a carrot and ginger juice followed by a bowl of tonkotsu ramen, a 20 hour bone broth with pork. Rich decided to crank up the heat with tantanmen, a chicken bone broth with chilli, sesame, pork mince and bok choy. 

carrot & ginger juice, ready for ramen

Tonkotsu ramen

Tantanmen ramen
First impressions were that the portion was huge, the hot clouds of steam rising from the bowls smelled divine and we all dug in cautiously, but greedily. My ramen was so creamy and rich tasting compared to other ramens I have sampled, down to the fact the broth is made from boiled pork bones cooked for many hours the fat breaks down and gives the stock a rich creaminess, rather like milk.  The pork slices melted in the mouth as well and were full of flavour, I can see why some people cite ramen as a good hangover cure, it's hot, nourishing but not too heavy on the stomach. 
Tonkotsu close up
Rich's Tantanmen was really very spicy but also creamy and nutty tasting, it had a wonderful flavour and packed quite the punch, I really liked it but would not have been able to eat an entire bowl of it myself. One of my favourite parts was the quality of the eggs in the ramen. Lovely Clarence Court eggs, very creamy and flavoursome, these made the ramen even more special.

So if you find yourself in London and fancy some ramen head to Bone Daddies, a little pricey at £11 or so for a bowl but it left me surprisingly full for the rest of the day. I wish Bristol had a proper ramen bar, hint to any budding restaurant owners out there, I would be there nearly every week if it did ramen as good as this. To find out more about Bone Daddies visit their website. Upcoming blogs include our visit to Pepenero, burgers from Start the Bus and a sandwich from Mi Casa at The Big Chill bar.

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