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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Chicken and Bacon Pie for British Pie Week

So this week is British Pie Week I was contemplating buying some of the amazing Pieminister pies to have for dinner one night but I thought, 'why be lazy?'. I already conquered my pie making fears a month or so ago plus mum gave me some pie dishes for my birthday, surely it was time to attempt pie number two? Although if you are going to buy, Pieminister are the way to go, faultless pies, my favourites are Chicken of Aragon and Moo and Blue.

So I went for a puff pastry chicken and bacon pie I looked over a few recipes, and as always took what I wanted from both and created my own dish. Chicken, lardons, potato and carrot cubes all went into the main mix as well as making a roux with in the main mix then adding creme fraiche  herbs and some roulĂ© cheese.

I was very proud of it, was tasty and very comforting on a chilly night, definitely has encouraged me to try more pies, which is just as well as mum also got me the Pieminister book for my birthday.
Chicken and Bacon Pie
Chicken and Bacon Pie Pieminister
Tonight Rich is making one of his amazing stir frys, he will be blogging about that tomorrow, exciting. In the meantime if you haven't indulged in British Pie Week go get some pie, be it cherry, apple, steak, chicken or cheese and potato, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Maybe not the smartest idea in hindsight & probably haven't left the best reputation of Australians with the Bristol Fire Department...BUT they were some seriously hot Firemen!

  2. Yes of course you learned much about the Bristol Fire Department