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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Sunday Dim Sum at Dynasty

On Sunday we finally got to sample the celebrated dim sum at Dynasty on St Thomas Street. Armed with an expert, our friend Jamie, we headed down from the flat in a lucky dry patch, on an otherwise wet day. Although I have had the odd dim sum before at Chinese buffets, mainly gyoza and char siu buns I had never devoted a whole session to them.

We were surprised by how busy it was, these dim sum were clearly well renowned. We let Jamie order with guidance to avoid the snail involved dishes. With 12 dishes carefully chosen and some three roasties rice to go with we sipped our Chinese tea awaiting delivery. Everything arrived promptly and it all looked delicious.
Three Roasties Rice 
I have been well informed by Jamie that these are the best and most authentic dim sum in Bristol but Wong's is the place to go for the best three roasties rice, we were however quite pleased with it when it rocked up, honey roast pork is definitely one of my favourite Chinese dishes. The dim sum quickly followed and the talk slowed to a minimum except to occasionally to check what dish was which.  I couldn't fault any of them, however I had a few favourites, the prawn wonton with salad cream dip, yes you read that correctly and it worked very well. The crispy squid was very tasty also, as well as the pork dumplings and chicken rolls wrapped in bean curd. I think my favourite, by a whisker though was the yam croquettes they were amazingly delicious, Jamie told me how hard they are to make as you have to get the yam so smooth.
Prawn Wonton
Yam Croquettes and Crispy Squid
Jamie assures me that next time we should try the crispy chicken feet, I am curious but not committed to that yet, however definitely cannot wait to go back for more of their dim sum it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday. I would advise people get there early or book because it was so busy at 1pm when we arrived we were lucky to get seated. Our next Chinese mission hopefully will be The Mayflower where Jamie can guide us round more of the authentic delicacies! In the mean time, here are some more photos of our dim sum.

Siu Mai Dumplings with Pork and Shrimp


  1. The yam croquettes were amazing! I think these (and the char siu buns) were my favourite. Dim sum craving after reading this, and it's not even 11am! :)


  2. Yup a total surprise they were to me too, I knew I loved char siu buns but it was really great to try some new stuff! mmm so hungry now, also I found out they deliver, this could be dangerous...

    Thanks for reading and your support