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Monday 23 January 2012

Sushi I Up!

Sushi is one of my biggest food obsessions, ever since I tasted the cute little rice perfections back five or so years ago I have been hooked. I am fortunate to work about 2 minutes from two sushi restaurants, however the one that holds a special place in my heart is Obento right on the corner of Baldwin Street. They have invented such a gorgeous beast of a maki roll than I can't see how it can be topped. The Dynamite Roll(TM) is filled with salmon, cucumber, avocado, salmon roe and Japanese mayo but the nori has been rolled in tempura batter and flash fried so the outside is all crispy.

So moreish is this roll that my Australian sushi fan, we shall call her Katdog, is counting down the weeks til she moves to the UK again and can sample this delight once more.

Obento does a half price sushi deal on selected items from Sunday-Thursday all day and the Dynamite Roll is one of those items so at £4.40 a pop for 8 pieces it's a delicious bargain that is too much for this sushi addict to resist. I also recommend all their other sushi it is very tasty and well worth the money. Check it out now!

Salmon Sashimi Obento Bristol
Salmon Sashimi

Dynamite Roll Obento Bristol
Be still my beating heart....


  1. uhhhhh dynamite roll! Get in me! My absolute favourite sushi + restaurant.

  2. YES! Could not agree more soooo yummy and satisfying! Sushi for the win!