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Friday 20 July 2012

Pre Holiday Warning

So this weekend we are off to France for my friend Andrea's wedding. The area we are going to, around Bordeaux and Limoges is, I have been slightly reliably informed, known for truffles and fois grois. As I will be enjoying the beautiful weather and reuniting party of all my friends from University I shall also be having blogging withdrawal symptoms. So whilst my wonderful friend Jessie and I try to stop her husband blowing all the Euros on offal, I hope you have some beautiful weather also and some excellent eating adventures of your own, if you find any real gems please send us an email or comment on the blog. 

In the meantime here are two previously unpublished food photographs to make you salivate.
Lunch at Goldbrick House
Caesar Salad from Goldbrick House
Spice up Your Life Curry Bristol
Wonderful Chicken Curry Special from Spice Up Your Life in St Nicks
Beerd Bristol
Extreme Close up of a Pizza from Beerd
See you on the other side, Bristol I shall miss you, full French report week after next.

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