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Friday 31 August 2012

The Kensington Arms for Cheese, Wine & Nibbles

In all the four and a half years I have lived in Bristol I have never been to the Kensington Arms, there I said it. Quite the secret I have been keeping locked inside for years, feels good to get it out in the open. The Kenny, as it is often affectionately known, is renowned for it's excellent food and cosy atmosphere. Wuthering Bites had organised us a wine, cheese and general grazing evening and as we were a little early Rich and I decided to check out the wine list.

The Kenny has a wonderful wine list, lots to choose from but our eyes were immediately drawn to the Chilean El Campesino Cabernet Carmenere. Being fairly recent converts and then quickly super fans of Carmenere we always jump on it when we see it on a wine list, and we were not disappointed. It was fruity, rich and slightly spicy an excellent choice and went down far to easily. We shall be tracking this one down to buy a few more bottles of to top up the wine rack.
Kensington Arms Bristol

Rich and I decided to order, a cheese selection, triple cooked chips and home made pork pie and after a glass of wine I was getting decidedly peckish. Talk of Pokemon, cake and cats eased the burden of waiting for our nibbles to appear. I had taken the precaution of ordering 2 bowls of triple cooked chips as one thing most people agree on is how irritating it is when other people pinch their chips.
Kensington Arms Food Bristol
Up Close and Personal with  Triple Cheese Treat
Kensington Arms Food Bristol
Home Made Pork Pie...
Kensington Arms Food Bristol with mustard
Kensington Arms Food Bristol
Triple Cooked Chips
The home made pork pie was the star of the show for us, meaty, flavoursome jelly and the crunchy pastry you associate with a good pork pie, plus it really looked the business too. The cheese board was a little small for £7.50 I thought but the selections were good particularly the blue, slightly sharp but creamy and it melted in the mouth so delightfully. The only slight disappointment were the chips, though really crunchy and tasty they were really overly salted you can even see huge salt deposits in the above photo. The home made mayonnaise was however a real winner well recommended.

Having had a glimpse of what the Kenny is like I am really looking forward to having a meal in the restaurant part of the pub, the wafts of food coming from that area were divine. Plus it has given me a new favourite wine to enjoy and that can never be a bad thing.


  1. Boy and I dropped in there on one of our walks a few weeks ago. We wanted to like it but the big problem was the lack of good ale. I was happy with the cider (I think it was Stowford) but he has been spoilt by having both The Robin Hood and The Hillgrove Porter Stores within a short walk of home. The Sunday lunch looked good though!

  2. Yes not being an ale drinker I guess I don't notice these things as much but I am a cider drinker, Stowford is always a classic. The Robin Hood has a great beer and ale selection Rich is always raving about it with his friends when we go there, have yet to try The Hilgrove though, will add it to the list!

  3. I ate here a while ago with my bf, overall the food was lovely, and agreed they have a good wine list. My bfs lamb was too salty, he only ate half and mentioned it to the waitor, it wasn't taken off our bill which was surprising. When we did get the bill (which was given to us without asking!! probably because we were the only people left but only at 11pm) they'd kindly forgotten to charge us for the £35 bottle of wine. So we didn't argue about anything else! I would like to go back tho, the restaurant is worth going to.