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Thursday 13 December 2012

Sunday Soothing at Bento Ramen in Camden

Last weekend was another London one, catching up with London friends for a 30th party and my favourite Australian, Kathryn.  Poor Kathryn had the dreaded Winter lurgy so we decided the best food for this would be some hot nourishing ramen. So a short trip down the road from her, and boyfriend Gavin's flat, led us into Camden, an area I populated much when a student. Just 2 minutes away from the tube station is a place called Bento Ramen, preceded on the same road by Bento Box. 
Bento Ramen Camden

When we walked through the door it was full of the joys of Christmas with all the usual Christmas pop songs floating around the restaurant. Bento Ramen is a really nice little restaurant the decor at the back of the restaurant is pretty and just looks like a bit more effort has been spent on it. 
Bento Ramen Camden

Bento Ramen Camden Menu
Some of the ramen options
Ramen is not something I have eaten a lot of in my life, preferring fried noodles as my cooking method of choice. The last time I ate ramen was several years ago and it wasn't great, the broth was flavourless and the toppings scanty. I am pleased to say after this visit this has totally changed. I chose the bento ramen option from the 2 page ramen menu, this was described as pork and seafood in a miso broth. We also ordered a few side dishes to curb any remaining hunger. 

Whilst I waited I sipped at my jasmine flour tea which I ordered, a beautifully delicate tea compared to straight up jasmine tea leaves, which I do also enjoy. So if anyone has bought this in Bristol let me know and I will head to get some straight away.
Jasmine Flower Tea
Jasmine flower tea
Bento Ramen Camden
Pork and seafood ramen
Bento Ramen Camden
Kathryn's ramen
My ramen came with a tempura prawn as well as items like tofu, egg and sweetcorn. It was extremely well flavoured and very comforting. I would come back here again like a shot. Ramen can be deceptively filling so we really struggled sharing out the char siu buns, siu mai and marinated pork belly pieces, which were particularly delicious.  So warm yourself through these horribly cold months with some hot soothing ramen, they will heal and warm you, definitely what I need today, I have been sneezing all morning. Check out the menus and location of Bento Ramen by visiting their website.

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