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Friday 5 December 2014

Impromptu Curry at the Rajpoot

The other week I had a bit of a sore throat. I had that sinking feeling it was going to turn into a full blown cold. It was the first properly cold night of Winter and Rich prescribed a curry, and who was I to argue with such a medicinal suggestion. I wasn't in the mood to walk to our current favourite curry house, Bombay Spice in Clifton by the way, so we looked at closer to home options. As we had already been to Kohi Noor we decided to give the Rajpoot, right at the top of Whiteladies, a try.

Gratefully stepping into the warm we walked in to a small yet smart and cosy restaurant, it was like a reverse Tardis, if you will. We were welcomed and shown to a little table near the back of the room and handed some menus. The menu is smaller than most curry houses and there are few curries you won't recognise and some you might expect to be there but aren't. However don't be put off there are still plenty of interesting dishes to choose from. We decided to chose, apart from the obligatory poppadoms, a lamb jalfrezi and a honey chicken and peshwari naan. All their curries come with rice and are mostly priced at the £12 mark, which is a little more expensive than most curry houses however this is more of a fancy number that you might choose for a date, upping the price for the atmosphere if you will.

see, romantic and fancy
The poppadoms and chutneys were good, the lime pickle was especially good, and I don't even really like lime pickle but this was pretty fresh tasting and not too mouth puckering. Once the curries arrived a short time afterwards we realised that we'd have to stick to our choices. The curries were plated up in such a way that it would not be as easy to share, rice turret and individual curry bowl. See I told you it was fancy.

The curries were really very good, the lamb melted in the mouth and was nicely spicy. The honey chicken was ok but I've had better. The main disappointment was there was not really enough rice to go round and although it looked nice compared to the amount of curry dished up it was frugal. However not to be too downbeat Rich and I did really enjoy the romantic atmosphere and the food was on the whole pretty delicious, the naan was particularly good, for the lamb jalfrezi alone I would return.

So for something a bit different tempt yourselves out of the house to the Rajpoot it means you have the excuse to go for an after dinner cocktail at Hausbar, which is my favourite cocktail place in Bristol. For more information check out the Rajpoot website.

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