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Monday 13 July 2015

Pizzas at Timeless Pizza Bar

When Beth finished her exams we celebrated with pizza and wine. As we had yet to check out Timeless Pizza Bar, on Chandos Road, we decided that this was exactly how we could pep up our celebrating on a Friday night.  We popped in about 8pm and Michael and Rich had already ordered a caraffe of red, how kind of them, so all we had to do was choose what pizzas to have.  A margherita costs just £5 and any toppings you want to add are an additional £1 each. Seeing as that was such a bargain I decided to pop artichokes and chorizo on mine, artichokes on pizza are a particular favourite so I was delighted to see them on the menu. The boys also ordered some garlic bread for us to share whilst waiting for our pizzas to arrive. 
Timeless Pizza Bar Bristol

Timeless Pizza Bar Bristol

The garlic bread that appeared first was nothing special, a bit dry could have done with more butter, nothing to write home about. However the pizzas that came out were enormous, fairly thin base and covered generously in the desired toppings. They looked heavenly. I tucked into mine immediately as after a glass or two of wine I was famished. My pizza hit the spot completely with all the soft artichokes and salty chorizo, I was impressed, the value is astonishing. Most of the table could not finish their pizzas due to the sheer size but I ploughed on like a hero. Timeless Pizza Bar impressed me, the pizzas are extremely tasty and amazing value for money. This is perfect for when you are looking for a filling but reasonably priced treat. To find out more visit their Facebook page.

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