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Wednesday 21 October 2015

Lunching at Wicked Lunch Co.

Once upon a time a good sandwich was hard to find, much like a good heart hey Feargal? Then Sandwich Sandwich opened and all was good again with the world. No longer was a Sandwich a limp ham and cheese or a sad egg mayo, but people dared to dream that a sandwich could be exciting and with unlimited options. Well I am pleased to say that I finally ventured to the Wicked Lunch Co. on St Stephen's Street a few weeks ago with Beth to sample their wares.

The Wicked Lunch company offers, toasties, paninis, filled baguettes/sandwiches, salads and cakes. Their filled baguette sandwiches are a bit different with options like chicken satay, Spanish pork loin, steak as well as specials. We opted for the chicken satay and jerk chicken filled baguettes, with the view of having half each. 

Wicked Lunch Co Bristol

Wicked Lunch Co Bristol

Wicked Lunch Co Bristol

A huge sandwich each arrived at our table, I am not a fan of measly sandwiches so this was indeed a sight for sore eyes. The bread was a hybrid of a sub and a baguette, soft but with a slightly crunchy top, it worked perfectly. The jerk chicken was pretty full on spicy, and I am no lightweight when it comes to spice, but it tasted great so when you have a cold this is what you should be eating, healing and comfort in one. Having said that the satay chicken baguette just pipped the jerk to the post. Creamy, nutty and delicious with a lovely Asian slaw. Definitely would have this again it's so good.

If you haven't already visited the Wicked Lunch Co. hop to it! Big sandwiches, great flavours and lots of choice. I am going for a panini next time judging by how good the baguettes are I'll be in for a treat. To find out more about the Wicked Lunch Co. visit their website.

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