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Friday 11 January 2013

Quick Lunch at Roosters Piri Piri

A second piri piri venue on Park Street. Roosters is a smaller chain of about 25 restaurants, the Bristol one opened up about 6 months ago. Brave is the restaurant that dares to take on the ever popular large Nandos chain especially on the same street. Rich and I decided to check out Roosters which is just a few doors down from what many consider to be chicken mecca. I was full of cold and feeling rather sorry for myself so I had decided to up the heat on my piri piri once I ordered it.

Roosters sticks to a minimalist look of white and green and actually I was surprised to see a number of booths in which to eat your meal should you not want to do takeaway. I had assumed it was more takeaway than restaurant, but it seems to have hovered between the two. The menu covers all chicken bases, with burgers, pittas, satay sticks, wings and chicken quarters. I went for a 1/4 chicken with medium sauce with a side of wings to share, dowsed in hot piri piri glaze. Rich picked a large hot piri piri chicken pitta both coming with fries.
Roosters Piri Piri Bristol
Hot Piri Piri Wings
Roosters Piri Piri Bristol
1/4 medium chicken and fries
Served on faux slate boards all I can say is Nandos had better watch their backs. The fries are fries as  you would normally expect but the chicken was superb. The glaze tastes fresh and really home made like a proper piri piri marinade. I am glad I didn't order a hot in my main meal as the wings were very spicy indeed. The marinade seemed to be a mix of chilli, lime and possibly yoghurt, whatever it was it was delicious, juicy and totally blew me away, and that wasn't just because of the insane heat coming from the hot wings. 
Roosters Piri Piri Bristol
Rich's chicken in pitta
The pitta was filled generously with large strips of spicy chicken breast and salad, the only downside was the pitta fell apart almost immediately, it would be good if they found a solution to this as it makes for extremely messy eating. My lips were still tingling as we walked up the rest of Park Street, it had certainly helped my cold. I wasn't expecting much from Roosters if I am honest but I am happy to report that I completely underestimated the high quality and flavour that they delivered with their chicken, it blows Nandos out of the water. 

Our meal for two including drinks came to about £15 which is a total bargain, you can get even better deals depending how hungry you are. So if you are heading up to Nandos on Park Street stop a moment and give Roosters a try instead, the flavour is just so much better and you will get a better deal. Check out the menu and options on their website.

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