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Thursday 28 February 2013

30th Birthday Eats

So this week I turned the dreaded three zero. It wasn't so bad, after a wonderfully indulgent party at The Colour Inn where everyone brought their best Mad Men costumes and drinking habits the rest of the week was dedicated to eating as many of my favourite foods as I could. Here is just a selection of what I consumed in the past few days.
Old Fashioned Don Draper
An Old Fashioned
Mad Men Cakes
Mad Men mini cupcakes
White chocolate and Raspberry cake
white chocolate and raspberry birthday cake (thanks mum)
Rosemarino Bristol
truffled mushrooms with sage and parmesan (thanks Rosemarino)

Eggs Royale
Eggs Royale with a side of streaky bacon

Rosemarino Bristol
Thick milk hot chocolate
The Hop House Bristol
Warm scotch egg with home made salad cream
Hudson Steak House Bath
Hudson's  Birthday Steak
Pizza Express Starter
Mozzarella, tomato and pesto salad

Pizza Express Di Morire
Artichoke on a pizza, my new favourite thing

I also had a wonderful steak at Hudson's on the night of my birthday, Rich has those photos though so will update the photo blog when I acquire them. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday and all the cards and presents I received I felt very humbled and happy to have such nice and thoughtful people around me. Next proper blog post will be on curry at Kathmandu, watch this space.

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