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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Friday Night Curry at Kathmandu

On Friday we had a mini blogger meet up at Kathmandu, diagonally opposite Colston Hall, and known for serving up Indian and Nepalese cuisine. I had visited this restaurant only once in the past but that was about four years ago so it was well overdue a revisit. Our party of 6 arrived at 8 for our reservation and we were quickly shown to our table. Eight is a bit later than I would normally eat dinner so I was starving by the time we were seated. 

I remember before enjoying the curry I chose (lamb saag, don't ask me how I remember I just do) but not being bowled over by it. This time I was very interested in the Nepalese side of the menu and as it turned out so was the rest of our party. We ordered 3 portions of mo-mos, Nepalese dumplings, and Phil went for the rashmi kebab, minceChicken and lamb combined with onions, green chillies, mint and coriander and charcoal grilled.
Kathmandu Nepalese Restaurant Bristol

Mo-Mos Nepalese cuisine Bristol
Close up Mo-Mos

Mo-Mos are dumplings, very much like the Japanese gyoza in texture, filled with vegetables, chicken and spices. On the top is a nutty tasting sauce which apparently is made from ground cumin seeds, it tasted like a spicy satay to me, and I thoroughly recommend trying the mo-mos they were extremely moreish and delicious. It made Rich and I sad that we only ordered one portion to share. 

For our mains everyone ordered from the Nepalese menu again but standard curry dishes like madras, tikka masala and bhuna are available. I ordered the chhoyla, lamb flavoured with garlic and ginger cooked over charcoal and brought sizzling to the table. Rich chose the lamb kritipur a whole spices curry both of which we ordered with rice and a peshwari naan to share. 
Kathmandu Restaurant Bristol
Kathmandu Restaurant Bristol
Rich's Lamb Kritipur (right) Kym's Saag Paneer (left)
The food impressed me a great deal more than I was expecting. My lamb was still pink in the middle, as it should be, and was fully flavoured with a medium level kick. Seriously tender meat and with the added bonus, for me at least, of plenty of ginger spears to up the flavour. I am quite the ginger nut so eating chunks of ginger is always a bonus. Rich's curry was very earthy and hotter than I was expecting when I sampled it, but the sauce was extremely fragrant with what I suspect was turmeric, cinnamon and pepper. 
Kathmandu restaurant Bristol
Chholya with pilau rice
All in all I was extremely impressed with what Kathmandu had to offer us, I'd never tried Nepalese food before and I think I would be reluctant to return to their Indian menu because the Nepalese cuisine here is the clear star. The service was efficient but not intrusive and the prices for mains are around the £9-10 mark which makes it a great treat option without breaking the bank. I've had a recommendation from Jamie of Namaste Nepal behind The Hatchet pub so will aim to check that out soon. For a browse of the menu check out the Kathmandu website

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