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Wednesday 5 June 2013

Bargain Burgers at Start the Bus

On Tuesdays Start the Bus offers two for one on their home made burgers. The other week we met up with Jayne and Si, who had recommended them highly, after work to try them out. The food is provided by Ruby Jean's Diner, self named 'purveyors of home-cooked Americana' and what a drool worthy menu it is. From New York deli style sandwiches, to fried chicken and banoffee pie it is a feasters dream plus the selection of burger toppings is suitably impressive. After much indecision I decided to go for the burger topped with pulled pork and chilli jam, whilst Rich picked chorizo and halloumi to crown his.
Start the Bus burger
pulled pork topped burger

Start the Bus food
chorizo and halloumi burger

Rich and I were really impressed with the burgers at Start the Bus. Rich's burger in particular was good because the chorizo topping was thick grilled half sausage pieces rather than just a thin round slice of chorizo.   The pulled pork, the in vogue food of the moment, in my burger was a bit mushy but tasted nice but not sure I would choose it again over some of the other options. The burger patties were meaty and flavoursome and held together well which is not something you see in all burgers. Plus skin on chips often taste a lot nicer than regular chips, and these were no exception, great chips and plenty of them. 

So if you find yourself hungry on Corn Street and fancy a burger check out the fare offered by Ruby Jean's Diner at Start the Bus some high quality burgers with a big taste. I for one will be trying the blue cheese, bacon and avocado one next time plus with 2-4-1 on a Tuesday what could be better? Prices start at £8.95 but do not break the £10 mark. Visit the websites for Start the Bus or Ruby Jean's Diner and check out your burger options. Next blogs to come will be on my sandwich at The Big Chill and our dinner at The Thali Cafe.

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