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Friday 31 May 2013

Pizzas at Pepe Nero

The other weekend Carla had invited a small group of friends out for one of her farewell to Bristol dinners and she had chosen Pepe Nero. Her Italian half craved a decent pizza and having heard from reliable sources that Pepe Nero offered true authentic Italian pizzas it would be folly to resist the opportunity to visit before she left for London. Pepe Nero can be found on the corner of Bond Street in Broadmead, a site historically held by  Italian restaurants Bottelino's and for a very short time, Fratelli's. 

We headed upstairs to the small seating area, Pepe Nero predominantly operates as a spot for a quick lunch time grab bag and also takeaway in the evening, they will even deliver to your door. They have a wide variety of toppings to choose from including the option for vegan cheese which is definitely something you don't see that often. I went for the crudo and panna pizza; Parma ham and double cream whilst Rich went for the Pepenero; bacon, olives, mushrooms, salami, ham and peppers.

Pepe Nero Bristol
crudo and panna

Pepe Nero Bristol
The Pepenero
Placing the toppings on top of the pizza, instead of cooking them at the same time, the Italian way, I am assured, is rather awesome. You could taste the quality of the deli meats much more easily than if they were cooked in and covered with cheese. I was extremely impressed by the high quality of the pizzas a great deal of topping generosity. The bases were I think the best you can get in Bristol, light and crisp but not dry. I did think the cream stated in my pizza of choice would be more apparent rather than mixed in with the cheese but it was still really indulgent and tasty. 

Pepe Nero Bristol
Crudo and panna upclose
A bargain for under £10 these pizzas are the jewel in the pizza crown, although I still also really like the pizzas at Beerd. The service at Pepe Nero was swift and polite and we were all pretty impressed, and I am looking forward to trying their takeaway service as a little weekend treat. To see what else Pepe Nero has to offer, visit their website.


  1. Disappointed to see you went to a renowned vegan restaraunt and ordered all meat and dairy dishes. Would you go to Beerd and review only the wine?

    1. Erm, Pepe Nero doesn't claim to be a vegan restaurant, it just offers vegan options. It describes itself as a fast food restaurant/pizza place/coffee shop on its Facebook page.
      Also, a VEGAN restaurant would not have any meat or dairy products on the premises, let alone on the menu!

    2. Oh dear, someone let the pedants loose. PN is known for it's veggie and vegan options, same as Beerd is known for it's beer. While it does serve non vegan/veggie food (as beerd does serve drinks other than beer), it's not what it's known for. Is that better?