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Monday 1 July 2013

Cake for Two at Papadeli

Just a little mini post on how much I love cake. So the other week I made it to Papadeli twice in one week for an injection of tea and cake it is definitely my favourite place for a cake fix. Mostly when I pop to Papadeli I tend to sit downstairs surrounded by all the lovely products but on the second occasion I visited in the same week I gave upstairs a pop too. Papadeli is so lovely, light and airy it definitely turns caking into something a little more special than your average tea and cake experience. Jane and I visited one Saturday afternoon and slid into one of the three little tables in the deli itself and ordered ourselves some carrot cake and salted caramel millionaire's shortbread plus some tea. 
Tea and biscuit
Carrot cake

Millionaire's caramel shortbread
Best carrot cake of my life so far, hands down. It was nutty enough but not overwhelmingly so, a good frosting to cake ratio and most importantly, it was vanilla frosting, none of this, add a little citrus to the party, thank goodness. Jane's cake was extremely rich and delicious looking, she surprised herself when she found she had finished it. We were also impressed with the lovely presentation the fresh raspberries definitely cut through any richness. Writing about this queen of carrot cakes makes me want to leave work immediately on the off chance they have some in for me to scoff right now. 

My second visit to Papadeli was with the lovely Wuthering Bites but we sat upstairs this time for some airy Friday afternoon relaxing. Still in love with the carrot cake I ordered it again plus some chai tea and Sarah chose the gluten free chocolate truffle cake. The carrot cake that arrived this time was a little different than the one I had had the previous weekend, however it was still really tasty just more fruit and nuts, so it sort of felt a little healthier.
'healthier' carrot cake
gluten free chocolate truffle cake
Both served with creme fraiche to help with the sweetness I couldn't quite finish my mammoth slice of cake this time, it was a bit denser than the previous carrot cake recipe and the frosting slightly thicker, still massively enjoyable though. I can't wait til my next Papadeli cake fix, I know my mum is going to love it when I finally take her there. To find out how Papadeli can feed you cake, help pimp your picnic or to buy a special gift for the food fanatic in your life check out their website.

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