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Thursday 4 July 2013

Pre Birthday Steak at The Cowshed

One of Rich's favourite things to eat in the world, besides marzipan, is steak. The Thursday before his birthday we booked into The Cowshed so Bud could purchase a birthday steak for the birthday boy, a very pleasing gift to Rich indeed. We had been to The Cowshed before but not for about 3 years and as restaurants that specialise in steak seem to be a bit of a rare thing in Bristol, this seemed to be our only option for some good quality steaks.
The Cowshed Bristol
a glance at the menu
Steaks hover around the £20 and slightly under which does not include sides. Rich and I decided to choose our favourite steak cut, ribeye whilst Bud went for his favourite, the T-Bone. Knowing that the meat would be of excellent quality, coming from Ruby and White's next door Rich asked for his steak to be cooked rare, whereas I went for my usual medium rare. We ordered two sides of fries to share and sat back to relax with beers for the men and a glass of Malbec for me.
The Cowshed Steak in Bristol
Ribeye steak
Steak in Bristol
medium rare
The Cowshed Bristol
chips close up
The steaks arrived after about 15 minutes all chargrilled and juicy. They tasted as good as they looked, perfectly cooked and seasoned. The chips were also well cooked, crunchy, yet fluffy. My only complaint was that there weren't quite as many chips as I was expecting. Two bowls was a bit scanty for three of us, which has not been the case in all places, on the chip front I took a gamble but it didn't pay off. The meat quality was superb however although still not quite as good as Hudson's in Bath, this is definitely the best tasting steak you'll get in Bristol.

After the chip mis-judgement we were still a little peckish so decided to take a peek at the dessert menu Bud and I were swayed by the cheesecake of the day, vanilla and Rich chose a chocolate torte with a hint of espresso and orange.
The Cowshed Bristol
Chocolate torte
The Cowshed Bristol
Vanilla cheesecake with honeycomb and vanilla ice cream
Beautifully presented rich desserts that really hit the spot, we left feeling satisfied but not totally stuffed which is sometimes much better because you can actually do things after dinner instead of collapsing in a sleepy heap on the sofa. So if you've got a steak craving do check out The Cowshed and what it has to offer, you can definitely expect some high quality steak that's for sure.

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