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Thursday 3 April 2014

A Tuesday Catch Up Lunch at Bagel Boy

My first foray into Bagel Boy, came about two weeks ago with Jayne, one of my regular lunch dates, but I also went with Rich last week, as he is a fan of all things bagel. Firstly Bagel Boy, on St Nicholas Street, has a lot of choice, which means fussy people won't be left hungry but indecisive ones might have a breakdown at having so much to choose from.  I had been strongly recommended by several Twitter followers that I go for the salt beef bagel so on my first visit I ordered the Big Apple Boy, pastrami, salt beef, Swiss cheese, gherkins, rocket and mustard. Jayne chose the Turbo Boy, roasted butternut squash, feta, tomato, leaves and chili mayonnaise. 

Bagel Boy Bristol
just some of the menu
Bagel Boy Bristol
Turbo Boy
Bagel Boy Bristol
Big Apple Boy
Bagel Boy Bristol
Big bite out of the Big Apple
My oh my the actual bagels were probably the best I've tasted, doughy without being dry or heavy.  I think the trick to ordering here is to get the right filling, as not all fillings are created equal it would seem. Jayne's Turbo Boy suffered from under cooked butternut squash slices but the chili mayonnaise was delicious.  I however lucked out with my Big Apple Boy. Generously filled with salt beef and pastrami the richness was perfectly complimented by the sharp but sweet mustard and pickles, having sampled the Caesar Boy the week after I can definitely recommend you sticking with the classic New York combinations that were born to grace bagels. Caesar was really nice but it wasn't as stunning as the salt beef, Twitter followers you were not wrong.
Bagel Boy Bristol
Caesar Boy
Rich also sampled some fries to go with his Big Apple Boy when we went and these also need work as they were a little anemic and limp. All in all I was pretty impressed with Bagel Boy, when they get it right it is stupendous, a carby hug in a sandwich, they just need to work on a few elements so everything is as good as everything else. I personally am looking forward to my next hit of salt beef.  To find out a little more about Bagel Boy visit their website.

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