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Thursday 27 March 2014

A Weekday Evening at Fishers

Rich and I were invited to preview one of the restaurants for Clifton Foodfest and I chose Fishers. Fishers is somewhere I've never been before but wanted to try, fish is something I just don't eat masses of and that is something I want to change.  Clifton Foodfest, a new food festival, which will be running from Monday 31st March til Sunday 13th April gives people a chance to eat out in 16 restaurants in the village for £10, great for those restaurants you want to try but don't have the money to splurge on. Details of the restaurants participating are on their website.  

We arrived at Fishers, glad to be out of the biting wind that seems to have arisen in the last week, and  were greeted warmly by the staff and shown to a table in the window.  For a weekday evening Fishers was pretty busy, which is a good sign in my book. The menu is mostly fish, as you would expect but there were a couple of meat dishes which sounded just as excellent, my money for next time is on the giant fish and chips that I saw being carried to the table next to us. The offer for Fishers on the Clifton Foodfest deal is a hot shellfish platter at £10 each which is normally double. So being we were there to sample the deal we chose that and were promised a bucket of bread to mop up any juices, and a bottle of zingy Pinot Grigio to accompany it. 

Fishers Restaurant Bristol
hot shellfish platter
Fishers Restaurant Bristol

Fishers Restaurant Bristol
here fishy fishy (langoustine portrait)
An abundance of mussels, prawns, langoustines, crevettes, although I imagine the contents does change with what they buy at the fish markets, all in a cream, garlic and white wine sauce.  All the seafood was so well cooked and that sauce, light enough to not feel heavy was indulgent enough to be completely moreish. Be prepared to get messy if you order this, although perhaps this is just my messy ways, I managed to splash sauce all over the table and it coated my hands, napkins at the ready people. My personal favourite were the giant Atlantic prawns, closely followed by the mussels. Our pot of moping bread contained some super soft olive bread which was lovely it soaked up all the white wine and garlic sauce like a sponge, absolutely delicious. Despite feeling fairly full of seafood we felt we could just about manage some pudding and so I chose the sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and Rich the dark chocolate brownie.
Fishers Restaurant Bristol
sticky toffee pudding
Best sticky toffee pudding I've ever eaten, hands down, so moist and it melted in the mouth, Rich's brownie was more like a dense torte, it was too rich for me, but then I don't have that sweet a tooth. All in all I was really impressed with Fishers and will be returning, the service was friendly and warm, it did feel a little bit like eating at someone's home which I found quite comforting. We received a generous discount for this meal but it did not impact the authenticity of this review, I am known for my brutal truth givings after all, and we actually left a 100% tip on top of the small bill they gave us because the food and service really deserved it. To find out more about Fishers visit their website, where they state that most of their food is or can be made gluten or dairy free, which I know will please a lot of people. I leave you with a parting shot of this lovely fish mosaic, what a fabulous beast.
Fishers Restaurant Bristol

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