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Tuesday 15 July 2014

A Monday Night at Bangkok House

Monday we met Rich's parents for dinner, deciding on treating Rich to something full of flavour, that wouldn't hurt his jaw too much and something that he could actually taste through the side affects, Rich's dad decided Thai food would be a good bet for all these things.  As I had heard good things about Bangkok House, mainly from Jamie, I suggested it might be a good place to go to.  We didn't book as we thought at 7.45 on a Monday evening we would be alright to walk on in.

The restaurant is a lot smaller than I expected but We sat down to beautiful carved tables and ordered some Changs and an iced tea for me.  Rich's dad is something of a Thai food expert, having lived over there, so we decided to let him order a number of dishes for us all to share.  I think this is often a good way to go as then you get to try more dishes than normal, which for a food fanatic, more is better.  We ordered the mix starter platter for 4, plus; chicken green curry, some stir fried vegetables, stir fried pork with Thai basil, pad Thai and some chicken tom khar soup, which is one of my personal Thai favourites.

Bangkok House Bristol
mixed starters
Bangkok House Bristol
barbecuing our satay
Beautiful mixed starter, the mini barbecue with which to sear your chicken satay on before dunking it in peanut sauce was a really nice touch.  Everything was well flavoured I especially enjoyed the aforementioned satay. fish cakes and the deep fried chicken, which was so crispy I was sad there was only one apiece. Having warmed our appetites nicely with the starters I was eager for the mains, luckily they didn't take too long to appear.
Bangkok House Bristol
chicken Thai green curry
Bangkok House Bristol
chicken pad Thai
Bangkok House Bristol
chicken tom khar soup
The food was great.  Perfectly balanced spices and flavours.  Easily the best Thai green curry and Tom Khar soup I've ever had so far, a complete match made in heaven of sharp, creamy and fragrant, nothing dominating the other, it was absolutely perfect.  Everything went down very nicely it tasted really fresh and cleansing which is how Thai food really should be, not stodgy like I have had in some other restaurants. The only real disappointment for me was that they did not have the fish to make choo chee which is my current favourite Thai dish.  But everything we ordered was really tasty, Bangkok House may well be the best Thai restaurant in Bristol, I just need to go and thoroughly test all the others I haven't tried yet!

Next blog post coming up is the new Spanish menu at Harvey's Cellars, which contains some authentic dishes and not just your usual patatas bravas. To find out more about Bangkok House check out their website.

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