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Tuesday 1 July 2014

An Unplanned Lunch at Caribbean Wrap

Last Friday I found myself unorganised and without lunch. Usually I plan my lunches for the week and take them with me to work, anyway not this day.  So I decided to treat myself to a browse round St Nicks Market, where some of the best delicious lunch delights live.  It had been a while since I had lunched from the market and as it was much cooler than previous days, read rainy, I decided to go to Caribbean Wrap for some warming spices. I have only ever been here once and that was a number of years ago, definitely pre blog.  Caribbean Wrap has a pretty large menu for you to choose from, including various curries, salt fish and ackee and the infamous JFC, Jamaican Fried Chicken.
Caribbean Wrap Bristol

I chose the standard and popular jerk chicken with rice and peas plus some veg stew on the side. Asked if I wanted small, medium or large I decided to go down the middle with a medium, just as well really as medium, it turns out is pretty hefty. I took the spicy parcel up to a quiet area at work to accompany my current read, James Ellroy's The Big Nowhere in case you are interested.
Caribbean Wrap Bristol

Caribbean Wrap Bristol

For the money, just over £5 this was good value. It certainly wasn't the best jerk chicken I have ever had but the heat built up nicely and the rice and peas were really tasty. The vegetables were the only real disappointment, lots of squash seeds left in the sauce and there wasn't a great deal of flavour generally, it just was a bit stodgy.  So if you have a craving for Caribbean food that won't be ignored this will quash your hunger nicely.  You can find Caribbean Wrap on one of the corners at St Nicks Market you will probably be able to smell the spices long before you see the venue

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