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Friday 10 October 2014

A Thursday Night at Bosco

Rich and I have just moved flat, surrounded by bags and boxes as we slowly get sorted and up and running, hopefully hearing the patter of tiny furry kitten paws soon once we are fully unpacked. A couple of weeks ago Jane and I found time to check out Bosco on Whiteladies Road, a welcome retreat from being covered in dust and long forgotten items.  Bosco has had quite the buzz about it ever since it opened last month and I can see why. The design has a down town New York feel to it, booths and tables for groups where as singles and couple diners are shown to a bar area to sit up and watch their food and drink being prepped. 

Although pizzeria is trumpeted on their signs, Bosco does more than just pizza, you can order some wonderful meat and fish dishes as well. There are some tempting small plates if you just feel like sharing. I was determined to check out their pizzas so chose a porchetta bianca. This was topped with some of their boned and rolled Middle White pig, slow roasted. A pizza with no tomato sauce it also includes salami, mascarpone, rosemary, garlic, truffle oil and pecorino. Jane picked the ox cheek ragu which topped rigatoni and smoked mozzarella.
Bosco Pizzeria
ox cheek ragu

Bosco Pizzeria
porchetta bianca

Bosco Pizzeria

Sipping at our glasses of Sangiovese, equipped with our cutlery we dived on into the plates in front of us. My pizza was rich, a robust mix of flavours, unlike any pizza I've had before. The porchetta was melt in the mouth and went very nicely with the garlic and rosemary. The dough was wonderfully light and thinly rolled. This was a good pizza but not one I would order every time because it was so rich but it was really luxurious and I would have it again at some point. Jane's ragu was so flavoursome the ox cheek melted in the mouth and the mozzarella was creamy and complimented it well.

We were feeling extremely comforted by our mains we were persuaded to glance at the dessert menu.  I was too full from such a pizza but Jane, like a trouper, picked the mini doughnuts which came with both a sharp lemon curd dip and a vanilla cream one.
Bosco Pizzeria

Hot, doughy and delicious. Did you expect anything less? Although I am not really a lemon curd girl the sharp acidity cut through the sugary doughnuts extremely well and for a sweet end to a meal you couldn't do much better than sharing these indulgent little beasts. You know by now that I am going to urge you to go to Bosco, it lives up to the hype that has surrounded it for the last couple of months. The prices are pretty good value for the quality you get and the service was genuinely friendly. I hope this brings a new lease of life to the upper end of Whiteladies Road.  To see what Bosco has to offer, check out their website.

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