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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Pop Up Dining at Pretentious Burger Kitchen

On Monday Rich and I decided we were in need of comfort after very little sleep thanks to the students upstairs deciding that Sunday night was the night to party. Having an ironic singalong to 90s dance tracks such as Haddaway's What is Love til 3.30am was their way to do it.  So the following night we were like the walking dead, and in no mood to cook so as I had already been eyeing up the current pop up at 40 Alfred Place. Pretentious Burgers, residing at the venue for just over 2 weeks and cheekily claim a two fingers deep thickness of patty. So we went along to check them out. 

For £8 you can have a burger with a cheese of your choice and a good choice of salads, or all the salad items if you so wish. Bacon and onion rings are 50p each and they have a selection of homemade sauces to have inside or on the side of your burger. I decided to order blue cheese and bacon on top of mine and requested chipotle mayonnaise and chipotle ketchup on the side. Rich went for cheddar and upgraded his chips to cheesy one and a side of homemade barbecue sauce.
blue cheese and bacon burger

This was probably the biggest single burger patty I'd ever attempted to tackle. The blue cheese was plentiful and I added a little of the chipotle mayo and ketchup on to the top of my bun and attempted to take a bite. It was certainly juicy, which meant messy, but no one ever said that eating a burger was elegant. The buns were outstanding, made in house and every bit as delicious as it looks. The burger was pretty pink inside and well flavoured. The salad was nice and fresh and well put together, I particularly enjoyed the extra crunch to the whole cornichons instead of gherkin slices. We were impressed these were really good burgers. The skin on chips were pretty nice too particularly with all the homemade dips.

Half way through we were asked if we wanted to try some of the new barbecue sauce they had just made, which was made with Southville hop beer. You could definitely taste the beer it would be perfect with meat as this sauce had a lot of depth. We just about managed to polish off the burgers but I was pretty full, they offer doubling up on the patty for only £2 but if anyone can manage that they are an eating hero of mine.

Rich insisted we try the crack pie, because if it's called that, it has to be good, addictively good, right? They would be correct, this was pretty delicious, hugely sweet and full of cream and sugar but the berries just about cut through the sharpness. Crack pie for the win I say.

There is no doubt these super friendly guys have passion for what they do, they really want to know what people think and are constantly trying new things over the course of their residency. I do hope they open up somewhere in Bristol soon because these are great burgers, even though we already have a lot of burger options the sheer size of these alone are different from most of the options we already have. To find out a bit more about Pretentious Burgers visit their Facebook page.  Hurry if you want to sample them as they finish serving up on the 22nd of February.

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