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Friday 13 February 2015

Steaming Ramen from Sticks & Broth

It's a not so closely guarded secret that I love ramen, I have search high and low for good quality bowls of broth and noodles and I am pleased that Bristol has a few more places where I can find these steamy treats.  It has taken me a long time to get down to Sticks & Broth on Baldwin Street, and I have no excuse because I work five minutes away.  The past two weeks have been extremely cold and nothing hits the spot like soup or ramen to warm the cockles so on a freezing Monday I met up with Beth and Jo to finally sample Sticks & Broth. 

The decor is kind of industrial meets kooky, think corrugated iron, street art and fluffy lighting and that sums it up. It's different but I like it.  At lunch times Sticks & Broth offer an express lunch for £6.50 where you get a smaller bowl of ramen or donburi, there are about 10 different options to choose from.  I decided to pick the chashu ramen, pork bone broth with a slice of cha shu pork with sesame bamboo and choi sum plus half an egg.  We also ordered a pot of green tea to share.
Sticks n Broth Bristol
my first Sticks & Broth
Sticks n Broth Bristol
chashu on my second visit
The broth was really creamy and rich, as tonkotsu broth should be and the pork had a lovely crispy bit of crackling round the outside. I was somewhat impressed. Perfect for icy Wintery days. When I returned the following week I found the broth not not be as rich and creamy as the first time so it could have been an off day with the bone boiling.  Either way you cannot go wrong with a bowl of ramen in my opinion and for £6.50 it is a lovely place to meet up with a friend and slurp your way through the events of the day.  To find out more about Sticks & Broth, visit their website

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