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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Saturday Night at Everyday Thai

I have eaten a lot of Thai food recently, and all different places, which is good, mainly because I love Thai food but also I am always happy when new Thai restaurants open in Bristol. I recently became aware of Everyday Thai in Fishponds. I understand this opened Summer last year and as Rich's youngest sister Natalie and her boyfriend have just moved not too far away from this area, and loves Thai food, we decided to check it out. The restaurant is tiny, probably only sits about 25 people when full, but the walls are covered with lots of interesting things to look at. The other thing to note is that currently they do not have a liquor licence so all beer and wine served is alcohol free, to be honest this didn't bother me too much but I know the table next to us were not happy. 

The service here was very welcoming and friendly from the start, they want you to have a nice meal, and they actually mean it. The menu is full of a lot of the usual Thai favourites along with a couple of new things, the prices are very reasonable as well, a chicken pad Thai for example is £6.50. We decided to share two lots of mixed starters between us plus I chose the special lamb massaman curry, which came with rice, for £9.99.
Everyday Thai Bristol
mixed dips
Everyday Thai Bristol
mixed starters

For two people, a pretty substantial starters platter with assorted dips, I would personally take more two more satay over spring rolls but that is my preference. The prawn rolls were really good, extra large prawns and with a great flavour. Basically between two people it works out at just under £6 each which isn't bad for all that food. On to the mains.
lamb massaman Bristol
lamb massaman curry
Pad Thai Bristol
chicken Pad Thai

A huge portion of lamb massaman sat in front of me, there was a lot of lamb in this bowl and it was super tender and fell apart. This was excellent. Creamy, nutty, indulgent, I ate the whole bowl it was too good not to. Rich's pad Thai was well received and for the price the noodles seemed to go on forever, which is exactly what I want from noodles, for them to be everlasting.

Fishponds has new places opening up all the time and this is a wonderful new edition to the neighbourhood I for one will be visiting again as it's a good tasty meeting point for us and Natalie. To check out what else Everyday Thai has to offer check out their website.  They also offer a takeaway service, so you can go and collect delicious Thai treats to snaffle at home with 20% off the price.

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