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Friday 11 September 2015

Steak Night at the Old Crown in Bath

Last week I popped over to visit the parents after work. Both mum and dad had been raving about the steak night at the local pub, which had recently had a revamp. So I decided to join them to see for myself, all in the interests of science of course. Weston village really has never had any decent pubs, well not since I've been of legal drinking age, which is not for a lady to say how long that's been so mind your beeswax. We had reserved a table as mum had assured me it got quite busy, particularly on steak night. So we sat down at our table and quickly ordered a bottle of Tempranillo and the steak night deal; 10oz rump steak, fries and salad for £10.
The Old Crown Weston Bath

The Old Crown Weston Bath

The Old Crown Weston Bath

It was nice to receive a thick steak for a change. Mine came perfectly medium rare like I had requested. It was really well seasoned and nice and juicy. Dad's was a bit blue for his liking, because it was a thicker steak than ours, so with no fuss they cooked a bit more and brought back quickly. It was nice to see  the salad not being an afterthought. They had roasted tomatoes ribboned carrots and cucumber and added a nice dressing. For £10 this was an absolute steal. I was really impressed they really pulled out the stops to make sure you have a tasty steak. The only addition would be to have some peppercorn or bearnaise sauce on hand.

People of Weston Village you finally have a lovely pub to go eat in and enjoy. Steak night is on Thursday but you can also enjoy burger night on a Wednesday. To find out more about the Old Crown visit their website.

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  1. It all looks so delicious. I will have to visit here myself some day soon