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Friday 16 March 2012

Mini Post about Boston Tea Party

Ever since one popped up in Bath, where I grew up, I have always enjoyed visiting the Boston Tea Party (BTP) cafes. There is something very friendly, welcoming and unassuming about them. Over the years they have added to their menu and it is so much more than a place to get coffee. Although I don't drink coffee, Rich does, I know two coffee addicts who pick Boston Tea Party as their preferred java dose venue of choice.

Last weekend I met up with the girls for a catch up at the BTP on Park Street and I went for my usual chai tea latte, sweet spicy warming perfection, and a slice of carrot cake. A wedge is more like how it should be described, it was enormous, Jamie went for tea and a wedge of coffee cake. Luckily Elisa was on hand to help us out but even between 3 of us it was a struggle to finish!

Carrot cake is easily in my top three cakes of all time (the others being Victoria sponge with vanilla buttercream and a spiced apple loaf) and this one was very nice indeed, moist, textured and vanilla frosting. Delicious.

So although most people already frequent these lovely cafes dotted around Bristol it is always best to go local, so consider popping in to here or anywhere local to support different places instead of the generic coffee places that spring up anywhere and everywhere. Visit Boston Tea Party's website here to get a peak at what they do.
Boston Tea Party Bristol

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