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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Noodles at Hong Kong Bistro

For quick, cheap but tasty Chinese dishes Beijing Bistro on Park Street used to be the place to go for a zippy refuelling. I was sad when it closed down a year or two ago because I am a noodle addict and you could always guarantee a generous portion for around the £6-£7 mark. Luckily Bath has the sister branch, Hong Kong Bistro by the bus station, still open. I very rarely visit my home town for nights out these days, but being I still have close friends there, and my parents obviously, I thought it was about time I started.

Last week Steph and Helen and I had a long over due catch up at Hong Kong Bistro, one of our old haunts. Hong Kong Bistro's menu is exactly the same as Beijing Bistro's used to be. You can find a big choice of starters, noodles in soup, rice dishes and wok fried noodles. I will generally choose wok fried noodles when at a noodles bar if I am especially hungry. But the noodles in soup from here are also very good much nicer and little bit cheaper than going to Wagamama.
Hong Kong Bistro Starter
Prawn Toast and Breaded Chilli Prawns
It had been a long time since I last visited here and I had forgotten how giant the portions are. So naively we ordered some side dishes of prawn toast, spring rolls, prawn crackers and breaded chilli prawns. Once our heap of noodles rocked up we realised the size of our tasty problem. Steph had chosen one of my favourites, the Singapore vermicelli, Helen went for duck and ginger noodles and I decided on char siu chow mein.
Hong Kong Bistro food
Duck and Ginger Noodles
Hong Kong Bistro noodles
Singapore Vermicelli
As usual the noodles did not disappoint, they were hot, tasty and everything I could want from a wok fried dish and I snaffled them up as fast as my dexterous chopsticks skills allowed, which was fairly fast. I miss having such a place in Bristol and I hope we get a similar noodle bar open again soon. The restaurant itself is rather no frills with basic seating and it is quite small. The staff are fairly hands off when it comes to service but  we were served quickly and efficiently which is all that was required on this visit.
Char Siu Chow Mein
Although I did not opt for their Pad Thai this time round but I cannot recommend it enough, it was always my favourite and it is very delicious and moreish. Hong Kong Bistro has a great selection for vegetarians everything was well cooked and fresh, so if you want something Asian but don't just want to go for a chain like Yo Sushi or Wagamama then it is definitely a cheap and tasty alternative. Particularly when looked at in contrast to the post that will follow this one.

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