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Friday 27 April 2012

Sunday Snacking at The Brass Pig

I returned from a visit home in Bath, where I had tea with my mum and frolicked with the 4 cats. Here is Bobo playing around the sofa.
Rich and I were due to watch some jazz with some friends at The Brass Pig, which has free jazz gigs every Sunday, early evening. So being we didn't have time to make dinner before going out we decided to sample some of the food at The Brass Pig. The pub was empty when we arrived but the band, The Andy Hague Quintet, had already started setting up.

The menu is a bit more gastro pub with options such as Grilled Pork Loin, spring greens with cranberries, sautéed potatoes & cider gravy and Pan -fried Duck Breast served on a fresh bed of Asian noodles. But they also have a small pizza menu and some light bites. Rich and I decided to share the 'Meatzza' which had chicken, pepperoni, ground beef and chilli on it. We also ordered a side bowl of cheesy chips and bacon strips. Obviously this was not the healthy option but we both craved salt and something quick and easy.
The 'Meatzza'

Cheesy Chips with Strips
The Brass Pig is a bit of an odd venue, in what was previously home to a La Tasca, it's too big to have the pub atmosphere yet too casual to be a real restaurant. I can't help but feel it hasn't quite figured out what sort of venue it should be. Food arrived promptly enough the pizza was very generously topped the pepperoni especially was really thick and tasty. The pizza itself was way too doughy for my personal tastes, I like a really thin base but for those of the doughier persuasion then this is a good solid effort on the pizza front. It wasn't ground breaking but it was nice.

The chips were nice but something was not quite right about them. They were half way between wedges and chips but almost as if they had only been blanched rather than fried properly because they were rather anaemic in colour. The Brass Pig did a good job of pit stop refuelling food, I would be interested to go back to try some of the main menu to see if it is on par with the pizzas. If you enjoy live jazz definitely check out  The Brass Pig on Sundays because the acoustics in there are actually pretty good and you'll always get a good view in a relaxed setting. The Andy Hague Quintet were excellent chilled Sunday jazz, so definitely check them out. For more info on The Brass Pig visit their website

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