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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Post Christmas Treat at Bocabar

Firstly Happy New Year to you all, hope you had a lovely Christmas. The first blog of 2014 is upon us! In the vain hope to prolong the Christmas celebrations a last minute pizza date at Bocabar with Kym was arranged after work on Friday, it wasn't twelfth night after all so surely it still counts as festive celebrating right? Anyway I hadn't been to Bocabar for over two years so a visit was woefully overdue it was embarrassingly late really if I think about how often I used to frequent this place, that's moving areas for you. Bocabar is situated down at Paintworks and those are some lucky devils working there having this place for a local. 
Bocabar Bristol

Bocabar is a pretty large space, being a former warehouse and all, and is bedecked in fairy lights and soft leather sofas are strewn about the place for the loungers and tables for more upright nibbling.  They offer more than just pizzas, with lunch offers and mezze to snack on during the day and roasts on Sundays.  As it was a Friday we decided it was a wine day so ordered a bottle of Malbec and tried to narrow down the huge number of pizzas on their menu, luckily Kym had written a shortlist. The good thing about the pizzas at Bocabar is that there is an enormous amount of choice and the ingredients they use are really good quality you can taste it throughout.  In the end we decided to go for the Fazenda Chic and the Wild Cogumelo. 
Bocabar pizza Bristol
Wild Cogumelo in all it's glory

Bocabar pizza Bristol
Fazenda Chic
Bocabar pizza Bristol
Fazenda Chic upclose
Bocabar pizza Bristol
Wild Cogumelo
The Wild Cogumelo was a feast of mushrooms; chestnut, portabello and field plus soft goat's cheese, pine nuts, watercress and truffle oil.  What the Fazenda Chic offered up was ham, tomatoes, Exmouth blue cheese and also crowned with watercress.  These were some big pizzas very thin base, which I really like, the main quibble I had was that the pizzas themselves didn't seem that hot but in our case it meant we could eat it quicker. 

The flavours on both were really great it was refreshing to try some new pizza topping combos and I think that the veggie Wild Cogumelo was my favourite as it was such a great combo of flavours and texture with the pine nuts and watercress. The Fazenda Chic, the tomatoes were a bit crunchy but blue cheese, if you are a fan (and I am a big fan), is one of my new favourite pizza toppings, it may not be traditional but boy is it delicious.

The gripes I had with with Bocabar pizzas were minute and I really recommend them, I just think at nearly £14 for most of the pizzas, and it is pizza we're talking about, they are a tad expensive for a regular afterwork treat but I am looking forward to returning when I am next paid. To check out what else Bocabar has to offer visit their website.


  1. Great post! The Pizza's look so yummy :)

    Have a look at my recent review of Grillstock on the Triangle- you must visit it!

  2. I have been to Grillstock am a fan it's delicious what was your favourite thing?