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Thursday 2 February 2012

Massaman Style!

So last night I attempted my first Massaman Thai curry, I've made green curry before but I've never tackled my favourite thai dish. It went better than expected but this dish is by no means healthy! Coconut cream and milk, beef and peanuts being some of the main ingredients this is more of a delicious indulgence but one I cannot resist! The result was so creamy and nutty it could easily have been from your local Thai restaurant, both Rich and I were bowled over by yummyness (TM  my friend Jayne) that I will definitely be sharing this with friends when they come round for dinner. Plus I am now able to create pleasingly shaped rice, hurrah for aesthetic rice shaping.

All thanks to a little book on Thai food which mum gave me for Christmas, yes in part I cheated and used Massaman paste from an Asian supermarket but this recipe added extra spices and goodies so it was only half cheating. The recipe is a bit long to type out but I took a photo of it and I will stick it up at the end of all the lovely food photos. I have already bookmarked by next Thai recipe, caramalised pork belly with star anise.


  1. That looks amazing, I absolutely love curry (and peanuts).

  2. Me too! It was so yummy definitely will make it again! mmmm