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Monday 13 February 2012

Tea for two at Lahloo Pantry (now closed)

Saturday Rich and I took a trip to Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village I was very eager to try their Valentine's Day special, wild rose tea. Lahloo Pantry particularly excited me because I do not drink coffee so tea is my caffeinated vice.
Lahloo Pantry
It was quite busy on Saturday afternoon but we were shown to a little table downstairs, after filing past the many delicious looking cakes and open sandwiches on offer. I had already decided on what tea I wanted but was almost swayed by the smoky spiced tea. Rich went for Nokcha, a green tea that was described as; "Uplifting and moreish, this biscuity green tea will brighten up the most challenging of days." As it was almost Valentine's we also decided to treat ourselves to 4 of the pink heart shaped macaroons we had spied on our way in.
Lahloo Tea
Our tea was served in little glass teapots but I noticed a number of the teas had Japanese style black ceramic ones, which I now really want for myself. The wild rose tea smelled ever so subtly of old English roses it was gorgeous and refreshing plus free hot water for re-infusion was available for most of the teas on the menu. Rich really enjoyed the Nokcha and felt very chilled out afterwards. Those macaroons were the king of any tea table, soft chewy with what I think was a passionfruit paste to sandwich the halves together, perfect for sharing with your Valentine or just to keep to yourself, they are that good and I really hope that macaroons are kept on the menu.
Lahloo Pantry Macaroons Bristol
I am tempted by their afternoon tea menu, as an option for my birthday in 2 weeks as it is a perfect way to while away a birthday afternoon. Lahloo Pantry is definitely up my street, slightly kitsch and vintage decor give it a relaxed feel so I was unsurprised by how busy it was and expect it to continue to do very well I cannot wait to go back, hopefully this weekend.

Take your loved one for a rose tea and heart macaroon date tomorrow you will not regret it. To view their menu for brunch, cakes or teas visit their site

Tomorrow Rich and I go to The Town House on Whiteladies for Valentine's dinner, cannot wait!

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