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Friday 7 March 2014

Birthday Lunch at No.1 Harbourside

A mini blog for you all before the next biggie. So last week it was my birthday, I was playing it low key this year because of our upcoming wedding. However I did get to fit in two meals on the day lunch at No.1 Harbourside and dinner at Wallfish Bistro. For lunch I met up with my fellow food fanatic friend Kym and it was lucky she arrived first because there was only one table left, and she had grabbed it. 
No.1 Harbourside Food

The menu is fairly small but everything is under £10 and at lunch time you get a free bowl of soup with every order on this particular day the soup was broccoli and stilton. I decided to go for a lighter option with the risotto of the day, which was sage and sweet roasted garlic, plus some chips with beef jus (read gravy). Kym opted for the steak sandwich, which was what I was really after but had to consider my evening meal.
No.1 Harbourside Food
free soup
No.1 Harbourside Food
sage and sweet garlic risotto
No.1 Harbourside Food

No.1 Harbourside Food
chips n gravy
To be honest I was slightly underwhelmed by elements of the food at No.1 but there were flashes of deliciousness that I would return for, namely the chips in beef jus. These were like miniature roast potatoes with rich beefy juices to mop them up, indulgent and perfect with a pint of your favourite. The risotto was okay but not inspiring although Kym really enjoyed her steak sandwich, it definitely looked like the right hue of pink and did make me slightly jealous. 

I'd return to No.1 Harbourside for the chips in gravy alone, really tasty, a perfect after work snack. If you want to check out what No.1 has to offer visit their website.  

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