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Monday 3 March 2014

Sunday Lunch at Somerset House

Last Sunday my parents came over to have a pre-birthday lunch as they wouldn't be seeing me on the day.  I thought Somerset House would be a good place to try seeing as I had heard many good things about their food and decor.  We were led upstairs where the first thing we saw was a gramophone, which the kitsch enthusiast in me was happy about, the dining area upstairs is also lovely and light, a very beautiful room.  The menu for Sunday lunch consisted of a variety of starters and a meat choice of lamb, beef or pork, the roasts are a little on the pricey side at £14 each but luxury roasts seem to be on the up in Bristol.

All the roasts come with a Yorkshire pudding, which is pleasing as why should beef have all the fun? I decided to go for pork whilst Rich and dad picked beef and mum opted for lamb. We also decided to treat ourselves to a bottle of wine and some tear and share bread with truffle butter whilst we waited. The bread seemed a touch dry at the edges but we were assured it was made fresh daily.
Somerset House Bristol
tear and share bread
Roasts in Clifton
medium rare roast beef
Roasts in Clifton
roast beef with crunchy roasties
Somerset House Roast Bristol
roast pork with apple sauce
Somerset House Roast Bristol
mixed veg
Somerset House Roast Bristol
cauliflower and broccoli cheese
I have to say I was pretty impressed with the quality of the meat on the roasts cooked to perfection, just look at that beef, and full of flavour. The roast potatoes were some of the best ones I have had out it was just a shame that there weren't a few more of them, they are my weakness when it comes to roasts.  The cauliflower and broccoli cheese was really tasty but I found the seasonal veg a bit tasteless and sadly the Yorkshire pudding suffered from a lack of flavour also, which is a shame because the gravy was really great. It was still one of the nicest roasts I have had out but I think at £14 it is a touch too expensive for what you are paying for, it needs to up it's game a touch to match the standard of the meat and potatoes.

Dessert on the other hand was truly remarkable, in my eyes at least. Rich and I both ordered the apple and cinnamon doughnuts with caramel dip and spiced mulled cider shot. Mum decided to go for the Eton Mess, a particular favourite of hers. The mini doughnuts were heavenly, the apple in the centre was slightly sharp which really cut through the cinnamon sugar on the top of the doughnut, I cannot wait to return for these doughnuts alone. The mulled cider was particularly nice, extra spicy with good hits of clove for good measure.
Somerset House Bristol
apple and cinnamon doughnuts
I am interested to try some of the weekday menu at Somerset House, it definitely had some standout moments and I think once a few areas are polished up it will be outstanding, because it is a very lovely looking pub. To find out more about Somerset House check out their website. Reviews of No.1 Harbourside and Wallfish Bistro to come soon. 

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