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Tuesday 26 August 2014

A Rainy Monday Burger Deal at Racks

A couple of Mondays ago we celebrated Jo's birthday at Racks, we had a bigger celebration the weekend before so this was a little extra. On Mondays Racks offers 2 for 1 on their burgers which means they work out at £5 per person, which is a pretty good deal.  I have always had a bit of a hate/hate relationship with Racks, it stares at me across the road from my flat with it's ludicrous £120 New Years Eve tickets and noisy closings but I cannot ignore such a deal. After Jo had finished teaching her final Jolates class we met her at 9pm at the bar.

Four burgers are on offer to choose from, beef, lamb, chicken and veggie. I decided to opt for the beef which comes in a ciabatta with smoked applewood cheddar, salad, fries and homemade relish on the side. I also opted for a side order of onion rings, seeing as my burger worked out so cheaply.
Racks Bar and Kitchen Bristol

Racks Bar and Kitchen Bristol

Racks Bar and Kitchen Bristol
mass onion ring order
Racks Bar and Kitchen Bristol
burger close up
First things first, we ordered about 9.15 the bar was fairly empty, probably because it was hammering down with rain outside, and found a seat out in the back area. We waited, and waited by this point I was gnawing at the table edges with hunger. When our burgers finally arrived, with no apology, it had taken 40 minutes, it's a burger, is it me? The portion sizes were pretty good, chips in the mini fryer as seems to be the norm these days. The patty was pretty chunky and came with what tasted like a tamarind flavoured relish.

The burgers for the money were good, not the best I've ever had but nicely flavoured, my only complaint was the toasted ciabatta.  It was a perfectly tasty roll just personally maybe too hard and crunchy to envelope a burger.  For me Racks does some very good onion rings and a generous portion to boot. For the money you cannot grumble really, it will fill you up nicely for a frugal feed on a Monday evening. To find out more about what Racks offers check out their website

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