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Thursday 28 August 2014

Lunchtime Munching at Eat-a-Pitta

The other week I was bereft of lunch and then the fire alarm went off. Despite being earlier than I would normally take lunch I thought as I was outside I would head to St Nicks and forage for fodder. In recent weeks my team mate So-Ting had been in the habit of bringing up a box of falafel and hummous from Eat a Pitta to munch on, and I had sampled a few of these and they were extremely good.  So I decided that as I was already outside it was as good a time as any to finally sample a proper lunch myself.

Eat a Pitta Bristol

I decided to go for the falafel salad box, which comes with 5 falafel and all the salads and sauces for £4.50, pitta on the side is 50p extra,  but the salad box looked big enough to me. So topped with the hottest hot sauce and the falafel on the top warming me through the plastic lid I headed back to the office to enjoy reading James Ellroy's LA Confidential and my lunch.
Eat a Pitta Bristol

Eat a Pitta Bristol

Eat a Pitta already has a great following and now it count me among them. Great fresh tasting salads, I particularly enjoyed the gherkins, and the falafel were the crunchiest I have ever sampled but never dry inside which is the key to a good falafel. Plus if you just feel like snacking you can buy 6 falafel with hummous for just £2 or 10 for £2.50 a total bargain. The only slight question mark I have is over the hummous it is very smooth but I like a little more zing to my hummous, but it is still very nice. If you want to find out a little more about Eat a Pitta visit their website for more info or get yourself down to St Nicks and sample away, don't be put off by the big queues they have a ticketing system and efficient production line that moves along fast.

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