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Monday 11 August 2014

Fish & Chips at The Swan Inn, Rowberrow

A quick mini post about The Swan Inn at Rowberrow.  A couple of Sundays ago I met up with Kym in order to meet the newest member of her family, Rose the Rottweiler. Firstly a disclaimer, Rottweilers get a bad rep, Rose was wonderfully peaceful and sweet, considering we were surrounded by other dogs she behaved herself beautifully.  The Swan Inn is about a 30 minute drive from central Bristol out along the A38 past the airport and is just up a slip road a lovely old pub which has a decent sized outside area where dogs and horses are very welcome to rest up whilst their owners do the same. 

On this warm Sunday we decided to stop in for lunch and sat outside on one of the many tables and browsed the menu.  Although Sundays are when most people crave a roast I did not want to feel completely wiped out for the rest of the day, although the roast pork which came with a side of cauliflower cheese, amongst other things, did look mighty tempting. Kym and I both opted for the fish and chips.

The Swan Inn at Rowberrow

The Swan Inn at Rowberrow

A really large piece of fish was brought to our table it was golden, crunchy and very delicious. The chips were ok but nothing special, just standard pub chips, which was a bit of a shame as the fish was so good. The crushed peas however were very nice so that leveled out the meal somewhat.  The Swan Inn is a lovely country pub with some better than average pub food, nice for a little trip out of the city especially if you have a dog, they make them feel very welcome here.

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