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Tuesday 24 September 2013

A Thursday Lunch at Yume Kitchen

Rich and I had Thursday and Friday off last week to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, and the last one before we get married next year, which is scary but also exciting. As we have a wedding to organise we decided not to do anything too big this year and so on the Thursday I decided to take us for lunch and Rich had planned a surprise meal for the evening, which was rather fun as I had no idea where we were going.  For lunch I finally decided we should check out Yume Kitchen on Cotham Hill, we love Japanese food and I don't really know why it has taken us so long to check it out. 
menu peek
A small but lovely and light restaurant where you can pick up sushi on the go or sit in and have a leisurely lunch whilst watching the people pass by. The menu is more extensive than I thought it would be with sushi, ramen, wok fried noodles and little side dishes of tempura. It was rather grey and damp outside so I ordered a green tea to warm me up and Rich picked a bottle of Sapporo, one of his favourites. On the food front I had already decided before I sat down that I wanted ramen and some sushi, unfortunately they were out of pork ramen so i settled on the prawn tempura one plus a salmon and avocado temaki. Rich went for beef yaki soba, some salmon and tuna nigiri plus a side order of chicken karaage. 

salmon and tuna nigiri
As you can see the sushi was fresh and it tasted really good too, the rice was bang on the money and the fish lovely and plentiful. It only wetted my appetite for what was to come. I definitely would order more sushi when I return, it's nice to have somewhere near my flat that I can get a good selection of fresh sushi, I am a bit of an addict so it's good to be able to feed my habit easily.
tempura prawn ramen
tempura prawn ramen close up
salmon and avocado temaki
beef yaki soba
chicken karaage
The ramen arrived steaming to the table full of warmth and love it looked a picture. Rich had a generous portion of beef yaki soba which looked really delicious as well. The ramen was just what I needed, it was soothing and delicate in flavour, the tempura was really crunchy which was a nice contrast with the udon noodles. Ramen is just a lovely clean tasting invention that is delicious without being heavy on the stomach and for £6 it's quite a cheap and filling deal. The chicken karaage that Rich ordered was a huge portion for £4 but we felt though the flavour was good the batter was a little too thick for our tastes.

All in all Yume Kitchen is quite the little gem, you can pick up a pack of sushi to go or sit in and have a good value lunch to warm through the increasingly grey and cold weather. I for one am looking forward to trying some of the other dishes on their menu. To see what Yume Kitchen has to offer check out their website.


  1. Looks really good. I've heard good things about this place but haven't got around to go but your pictures of the beef yaki soba and tempura prawn ramen makes me want to head straight there!


    FoodNerd x

  2. It was really good, I recommend it big time it was just really good food.

    Thanks for reading

  3. Plus after 8.30 (I think they shut at 9) the sushi in the fridge is half price. Which means if you are me, you pay the same but get twice as much.

  4. Good tip! I shall start loitering unashamedly around the sushi fridges after 8.30!

  5. Hi Abby and Rich. It's Kiyoko at Yume Kitchen! It's been such a long time since you came and tasted our food. We moved on and now our regulars are saying "You are the best place to have Sushi in the South West!" We are launching our new lunch menu, in which you can enjoy the best of our sushi and hot dishes at very reasonable prices. Please do drop in to try them!!! Hope to see you soon.